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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

elephantWhat's JogLab?

JogLab is a free web site and word tool that helps you create acrostic poems, backronyms and mnemonics.

memoryWhat's an Acrostic Poem (tip: read down the left side!)

An acrostic Poem is a beautiful thing.
Creating joy in learning and thought.
Requiring usually that first letters of lines spell out an idea.
Or a name, place or thing of beauty.
Sometimes the rules of an acrostic poem are flexible.
The flow might break across two lines as
 In this part. I find acrostic poems a wonderful learning and relaxation tool.
Crafting acrostic poems is simplified using

Place your letters in the boxes above, choose a ready made acrostic poem Quickstart,
Or, if you'd like to help another create a poem from your word, create your own Quickstart.
Either way, when you've entered your letters you'll see lists of words starting with each of your letters.
Maybe you'll share your wonderful creation, or maybe it'll be just for you. Enjoy.

memoryWhat's a mnemonic?

A mnemonic is a phrase to aid learning and recall of information. Usually the first letters of a crazy but memorable phrase match the first letters of each of your keywords that need remembering. 

JogLab helps you create mnemonics (memory-jogs) to remember your stuff. A mnemonic is a weird and wonderful phrase to aid learning and recall of information. Usually the first letters of a crazy but memorable phrase created from your imagination (and with a little help from match the first letters of each of keywords that you'd like to remember; the first letters jog your memory for each of the keywords in turn. An example mnemonic to remember the presidents of the US in order (Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama)...

presidents Jo nightly fought carrying rayguns but clumsily bungled; ouch!

Your mnemonic will be better as it will be personal to you! Play with JogLab to create a zany memorable mnemonic for anything you want to remember. You'll memorize your keywords very quickly.


The word mnemonic is derived from Mnemosyne; she's the Greek Goddess of memory and very cool. She's the mother of the nine Muses. You can use JogLab to remember all of the Muses .

not forgetA crazy phrase made by some Greek Goddess?

You make the phrase, the Goddess just helps. To some people mnemonic creation seems an unintuitive way to remember information, to others (including many labelled 'genius') it's how they remember everything. Now you can make a mnemonic quickly by using and creating Quickstarts and exploiting JogLab's rich functionality to achieve top- quality learning in a fraction of the time. An example: 'Magic volcanoes erupt making jelly sandwiches until nightfall' (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune (Pluto is now classed as a dwarf planet; and a cartoon dog).

rememberAnd when I've made my mnemonic?

To learn your keywords we recommend 1) Note mnemonic & keywords 2) Walk with your note repeatedly testing yourself for recall and meaning of target words 3) If possible sleep on it, then repeat the next day. It's a remarkably efficient learning strategy. 

memoryWhat's a backronym?

A word re-designed as an acronym (back + acronym = backronym) used to parody, tease or flatter. Example: Adidas = All Day I Dream About Sports.

rememberWhat's a Quickstart?

A Quickstart is a web link you can email or paste anywhere on the Wonderful Wacky Web helping poets and learners to arrive at JogLab to create an acrostic poem or mnemonic with your keywords or letters automagically entered.  Quickstarts are made as you type automagically for mnemonics or acrostic poems. Quickstarts battle a Woeful Wearisome Web!

Quickstart Creation & Volunteer Contributors


JogLab would really love your help in supporting worldwide poetry and learning. Please contact us if you're willing.