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Thanks a million for checking out this page. Together we'll inspire poets around the world to try their hand at poetry. We're a small group of poetry and mnemonic enthusiasts and would love your help to achieve the myriad tasks running a poetry website involves.

rememberEasy and fun things to do

Write an acrostic poem: choose one from the acrostic poem topics page. When you've written your poem submit it on the page using Disqus.

Write a mnemonic: choose a topic and keywords from teh mnemonic topics page

On every page there are a variety of options to spread the word. Click +1, facebook like etc.

rememberWant to do more?

Subscribe to the following bundle of feeds and then go to google reader or choose 'Get started with Google Reader' on the feed page...

Let people having discussions about mnemonics, acrostic poems and backronyms know about JogLab.  Join us on Facebook or G+ (see links above).

Please be humble, polite, helpful and never spammy. Poets and learners enjoy your help.

Make a video for any topic that has either no topic page yet or has only a standard video about acrostic poems in general.

remember Want to do something else? Got some cool ideas?

Let us know what you'd like to do- we'd love your  help! Contact us.


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